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Build for e-commerce sellers.
Revolutionize online business.

Along with the marvellous entry of Fynd Platform followed by its terrific growth, we understand the importance of developers like you in transforming e-commerce for merchants. We rely on you to build the best-in-class tools that augment their online business and simultaneously create a revenue stream for you.

Develop apps that address the needs of the merchants

Over hundreds of APIs and SDKs using which you can create extensions that integrate into Fynd Platform, including the merchant websites.

Build stunning themes for the merchant websites

Use our in-house FDK-CLI to build attractive themes, along with the capability to add SEO information to the pages covered under a theme.

Create and integrate marketplaces

Increase the customer base of the sellers by helping them sell their products on marketplaces other than the ones we support by default.

Transform the commerce behaviour

Sellers and shoppers not only want the best deals, but they also seek the best experience too. Create features and games that bring delight to their faces.

Why wait? Start now!

Roll out themes and apps for merchants

Extensions - Web Store

Build and present your custom extensions to the merchants. Being a Fynd Partner, you can also choose the merchant for whom you want to launch the extension including the price on Extensions - Web Store.

Themes Market

Help merchants make their websites attractive and engaging. Create and sell your themes to merchants that look for customized appearance for their brands by using Fynd Development Kit