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Audit Trail

All the modifications that happen in your Fynd Platform account are available to you in the form of a log, also known as Audit Trail. Such a trail helps you to discover who did a particular change, where, and at what time. Moreover, it helps you pinpoint the exact source of a problem in case someone unsolicitedly does something within your account.


The Audit Trail contains technical details that may or may not be understandable to a layman. However, anyone can read the audit trail and figure out the changes that took place.


Figure 1a: Your Fynd Platform Home Page


Figure 1b: Choosing Audit Trail Option


Figure 1c: Audit Trail Main Screen

The main screen of the audit trail has a list of all the modifications done to your account. You get the following filters for swiftly finding any trail/log:

  • Start Date & End Date - Find all the modifications done during a date range.
  • Email or phone - Find all the modifications done by a particular person.
  • Sales channel - Find all the modifications done within a sales channel (the websites you've added to your business account).
  • Entity Types - Find all the modifications made to a particular entity, such as collection, themes, business document, subscription, domain, payout, and many more.
  • Brands - Find all the modifications related to a particular brand in your account.

On opening a trail, you'll get three sections:

  1. Audit details - This shows the modification, the person who did it, and the device from which the changes were done.


Figure 2: Audit details

  1. Change Logs - This shows exactly the data that was modified. The old one and the newly updated data will be visible to you.


Figure 3: Change Logs

  1. Similar Latest Events - This shows all other logs that are similar to the current log.


Figure 4: Similar Latest Events