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Cart Settings


Here, you can select the features to be displayed on the cart page of your website.


Figure 1: Cart Settings

How to access on Fynd Platform

Options to Enable or Disable on your Cart#

  1. Allow GST number

    • Description: You can optionally allow the user to enter their GST number. A GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) is a 15-digit alphanumeric, PAN-based unique identification number allotted to every registered person under GST. It's optional and only those who have GSTIN can add it for claiming input credits during the filing of GST. Once you enable this, you will get an option to enter your GSTIN number on your cart page.


    Figure 2: GST Number Enabled

  1. Display staff selection

    • Description: If you enable this, you will get a dropdown list on yourt cart page, from which you can select a store employee who has assisted a customer in the transaction. For this to happen, the employee should be in the list of staff. Check Teams.


    Figure 3: Enabled Staff Selection

  1. Placing order for customer

    • Description: Enable this, if you belong to a store that uses this application and you intend to place an order for your customer.


    Figure 4: Ordering for Customer - Enabled

  1. Address Google Map

    • Description: Enable this, if you want to provide your a map for your users of mobile app. This will assist them in locating and pin-pointing their address on the map, which might facilitate an accurate shipment delivery to their location.
    Figure 5:. Address with Map

    Figure 5:. Address without Map

  1. Max Cart Items

    • Description: Enter the maximum number of items your customers can add to their cart. Note that you can order more pieces (quantities) of the same item. Therefore, the limit will be applicable to the number of items.

      In this case, we have set the Max Cart Items to 3.


    Figure 6:. Example: Added 3 items in the cart


    Figure 6:. Example: Cart Limit Exceeded, cannot add a 4th item

  1. Min Cart Value

    • Description: Enter the minimum order value, below which, your customers cannot place an order.

      In this case, we have set the Min Cart Value to ₹5000.


    Figure 7: Placing an order below minimum cart value

  1. Delivery Charges

    • Description: Here, you can enter the delivery charges (if applicable). Any order below the threshold value (Threshold) will be charged an extra delivery fee (Charges). You can set distinct delivery charges by adding more thresholds.


    Figure 8:. Set Threshold and Delivery Charges


    Figure 8:. Delivery Charges