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Delete a Product


You can disable a product instead of deleting it. Click product availability to know more.

If you are sure that you want to delete a product, we still insist that you first disable the product, and then delete it as shown in the videos below. Not disabling the product and deleting it might result in imageless products on your website.

How to access on Fynd Platform

Delete a product or a particular size of a product#

Video: How To Delete A Product Or A Particular Size Of A Product

Delete multiple product sizes using Excel#

Video: How To Delete Multiple Products Sizes Using Excel

Delete multiple products using Excel#

Video: How To Delete Multiple Products Using Excel

Steps to delete a product#

  1. Go to All Products.


    Figure 1: Product Section

  1. Search the product you wish to delete.


    Figure 2: Searching The Product

  1. Your product may be LIVE in one or more selling locations. Exercise caution before deleting because it will remove the product from all your sales channels.


    Figure 3: Checking The Live Status

  1. Click the 2nd option - Delete Product.


    Figure 4: Deleting The Product

  1. Confirm the deletion of the product.


    Figure 5: Confirming The Deletion

  1. Your product is successfully deleted.


    Figure 6: Product Deleted Successfully