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Export Catalogue

You can export your existing catalogue to online marketplaces like Facebook, Google, Myntra and many more. Moreover, you can also export your entire inventory in a zip file.

Exporting a Catalogue#

Video: Fynd Platform - How to Export Catalogue

How to access on Fynd Platform
  1. Click on Export.


    Figure 1: Search Product

  2. Select Catalogue.


    Figure 2: Search Product

  1. Select a marketplace to which you want to export your catalogue.


    Figure 3: Marketplaces

  1. You can click on any of the marketplaces, as shown in fig. 3 and generate a catalogue. You can view the history of all the catalogue generated till date, or you can download if needed. Here, we will look at the process of generating a catalogue. Click Generate as shown in fig. 3.


    Figure 3: Catalogue Generation

  1. Select the company, brand, season and item-code from the drop-down.


    Figure 4: Catalogue Filter