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Adding An Expiry Date To An Expirable Product


Not all products are everlasting, a few of them indeed come with an expiry date, beyond which they are not suitable for purchase or consumption. It includes:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Dairy Products
  • Medicines
  • Cosmetics
  • Adhesives

Selling expired products may result in escalation from customers. Hence, it's wise to remove such products from your selling location's inventory. Fynd Platform supports the addition of expiry dates at the inventory level.


Video: Creating Expirable Products and Adding Expiry Date


You can add expiry dates to only those products whose template supports the inclusion of expiry dates.


  1. Go to the Products page and create a product using a template that supports expirable products, for e.g. those that belong to the food, beverage, or medicines department.

  2. Once you create a product, click Edit Inventory.

  3. Select a size.

  4. Click on Add Selling Locations.

  5. Choose a selling location from the dropdown whose inventory you wish to add.

  6. Add the quantity in 'Inventory'.

  7. Use the in-built calendar to add an expiry date. Note that the expiry date cannot be today's date. It must be at least one day ahead of the date on which you're adding the inventory.

  8. You may keep the same selling price as mentioned in the catalogue, or you may set a different selling price.

  9. Save the details, and the expiry date will be visible in the inventory.

If your company has multiple selling locations (stores), add the inventory for each of them.

Example: Let's say you have added 10 quantities of paracetamol in the inventory of a selling location named Sico Pharma, and you have set the expiry date as 11th November 2023. Therefore, beyond 11th November 2023, the product won't be available for sale on the website, unless your other selling locations are selling the product, or when Sico Pharma restocks unexpired products in its inventory.